Biography “La tête froide et le cœur battant. Léon Eeckman, entrepreneur et ami des artistes au 20e siècle” (Snoeck ed.)

A 268-page book with soft cover and flaps, printed in 2,500 copies, tracing the life and work of a Belgian personality who took part in the events that marked the history of Belgium in the 20th century. Commissioned by the Léon Eeckman Foundation and published by Snoeck (Ghent), the book is available in bookshops in Belgium and France.

15 months, 2021–2022.

biography, family history, genealogy, First World War, Second World War, Resistance, business history, entrepreneurship, art history, Nervia Group, history of Belgium, research, interviews, fictional writing, digitisation of archives, photography of works of art, photoengraving, graphic design, printing