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To you,

Holders of a unique heritage, heirs to a rich history, archaeology enthusiasts, art lovers and enlightened amateurs.

Since 2021, we’ve been helping you to showcase your historical, archaeological and artistic heritage.

Be it through a beautiful book, documentary film, exhibition, or catalogue raisonné… Retrace creates for you and with you, in the medium you dream of, to perpetuate and pass on your history. Whether intended for your family circle or to a wider public, whether you want to collaborate in complete confidentiality or disseminate your project on a large scale, we are happy to meet your needs.

Thanks to our tailor-made services, we are at your side from the birth of your idea right through to its completion: defining the outline of your project, historical research, inventory, writing, proofreading, translation, digitisation of archives, illustration, ground and aerial photography and video, photoengraving, graphic design, printing, scenography, and more. Our agency has an international network of cultural professionals at its disposal. For each assignment, we put together a specialised team and rigorously coordinate each stage of the project to guarantee a result that lives up to your expectations.

Our services know no borders. Based in Belgium, we can also realise your project in Europe and beyond.

Retrace tells in order to revive,

Julie and Annabelle
The founders