Our answers to your most frequently asked questions

Find here our answers to your most frequently asked questions

From the birth of your idea to its completion, your project requires the involvement of professionals from a variety of disciplines. Thanks to our international network of cultural professionals, we put together a tailor-made team for each assignment, bringing together all the skills needed to meet your needs as effectively as possible.

See all our completed and ongoing projects in the projects tab.

Our methodology and all the key phases of the project are detailed in the quote we submit you. Throughout the process, several meetings are organised with you and deliverables are shared with you, enabling you to closely monitor the progress of the assignment. With each deliverable, you give us your comments for adaptation. In this way, you play an active part in the realisation of your project.

No. At Retrace, we don’t have price lists or ready-made packages. To give you the best possible service, we work exclusively on a bespoke basis. For each project, we provide you with a personalised quote based on a meeting during which we examine your needs together, as well as your time and budget constraints.

Our customers are individuals, families, businesses, foundations, non-profit organisations, public services, etc. Our personalised services enable us to adapt to you, whatever your profile.

At Retrace, we respect your wishes. If you wish to keep your project confidential, we will work for you with complete discretion. In our portfolio, only a general description of the project and its technical specifications will appear. We undertake not to reveal any names that might identify you or your assets. On the contrary, if you would like your project to be widely distributed, we will support you in your efforts and put you in touch with publishers, producers, etc.

Retrace retains its moral rights to all the work it creates and produces. In other words, we affix our signature to the projects you commission from us. However, reproduction rights are transferred to you, as stipulated in our general terms and conditions of service.

Yes, we can travel anywhere in the world on request. In many cases, it is useful to carry out research outside Belgium.

You can find all our contact details on the contact page.

To best meet our customers’ needs, we surround ourselves with a vast network of specialists and professionals working in the cultural sector. If you have studied history or art history or have a technical skill that might be of interest to us, don’t wait any longer and write to us at contact@retrace.agency. Please note that we do not offer employee contracts, but rather occasional freelance assignments.